General Information

Jambula does not come with a special installer. Installation consists of extracting the appropriate download in a suitable folder and running the executable under the extracted folder to launch the Jambula UI. To uninstall delete the extracted folder.

Jambula requires java and the Firefox runtime to work.

You can check if you have java installed by opening a command prompt/terminal and entering the command java -version. If you get a message showing the java version as 1.6 or greater it means you have the required version of java installed.

If you have java and Firefox browser version 38 or greater installed you can choose the lite download named like jambula-1.1-<platform>-lite.<ext>. This is a smaller sized download and available for Linux and Mac. This is the only download available for Mac.

If you have java but not Firefox browser you can used the standard download file named like jambula-1.1-<platform>.<ext>. This is a larger download as it contains xulrunner which is the runtime of Firefox.

If you do not have java or Firefox browser you can used the complete download file named like jambula-1.1-<platform>-complete.<ext>. This is the largest download as it contains xulrunner and java runtime.

Below are platform specific installation information.


Download and extract the standard or complete win32 download depending on whether or not java is installed on you system.

Extract the zip file to a convenient location say C:\installs or D:\installs

To launch Jambula double click on the jambula executable with an icon present in the extracted folder.

For convenience you can create a shortcut. Right click on jambula.exe and select Create shortcut and give a suitable name to the shortcut like Shortcut to Jambula. Then cut and paste the shortcut created to the Desktop

To see the logs you can run jambula from a windows command prompt.

Mac OS X

Jambula has been tested on Mac OS X El Captain version 10.11.1 and should work on a recent OS X version.

Note: You need administrator privileges.

If you do not have Firefox, install FIrefox browser or XULRunner.

If you do not have java command line install JDK (Not JRE) from

Download jambula-1.1-macosx-lite.tar.gz to a convenient location say ~/Downloads

Open a terminal and extract the contents under /Applications directory. Below are the commands:

                cd /Applications
                rm -rf
                tar xzf ~/Downloads/jambula-1.1-macosx-lite.tar.gz

You should now see the jambula icon in the launcher and can click on it to launch Jambula.

If you wish to run in a terminal window to see the log messages it is present in the directory: /Applications/ along with, the batch script.


Download the appropriate lite, standard or complete linux binary depending on whether you have java and/or Firefox installed.

Extract the file to a suitable location, say your home directory.

Use to launch Jambula. You can add the installation directory to your PATH environment variable for convenience.

Note: If you have Firefox but not Java you can download jambula-1.1-linux64-complete.tar.gz and delete the directory starting with xulrunner under it to save disk space.

Copyright © 2016, Suresh Mahalingam