JAMBULA is a specialized software to solve a common need when taking digital pictures: to imprint the date/time and also comments on the picture.

The date stamp is lossless. It is also customizable and available in a number of languages

Supported Platforms

JAMBULA is supported on Windows, Linux and MAC OS-X.


To install download the appropriate file for your platform and extract it.

If you have both Java and Firefox choose the lite download like jambula-1.1-linux-lite.tar.gz if available for your platform.

If you do not have Java choose the complete download like jambula-1.1-win32-complete.zip.

If you have Java choose the standard download like jambula-1.1-win32.zip.

Check here for more information


Below samples of some date stamps created by Jambula. Click on the sample to see the full image.

Default Configuration with a comment

UK style date with 12 hour time with comment suffixed

Date in German with the date positioned at top left

Date and Time in Chinese with a transparent yellow background

Date and Time in Japanese with Background and Border

In Hindi with comment on top and a Border. Positioned at bottom center

In Tamil with center aligned comment in a different color and style

Known Issues

On MAC the menu bar is titled Firefox. Do not use the Quit menu under it. If you do, Jambula does not exit cleanly as the Java server continues to run. You can fix it by right clicking on the Java icon at the bottom and selecting quit. Alternatively launch Jambula again and select Ok to the message dialog warning that another instance of Jambula is running.


Below are the key software and libraries used by Jambula.

Java, XULRunner, Jpegtran, TJWS, Metadata Extractor - Drew Noakes and Jackson.


My email is msuresh@cheerful.com


JAMBULA is free to download, use, modify and redistribute for non-commercial and commercial purposes without any warranties of course.

My Other Projects

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MediaUtil (LLJTran) A Java Library for Lossless JPEG Transformations and modifying Exif header.

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